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  1. Hi guys i need some help making my new plugin. In The main world thete are some area (about 45x47), when a player go in this area and type a command like /claimarea this area becomes claimed by the player. The player now can make another command such as /townhall so he can power-up his area. Please help me.
  2. 1; Why is there a resource tag?
    2; What do you need help with? show code, errors, or ask more specific questions.
  3. An easy way to do this would be to use the worldguard API. You could create a region of whatever size you wish with the start point the center or the edge of the region.

    Set the regions owner to that player so they can then use the /townhall command. If they're within their own region allow them to upgrade it

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  4. I already told you to just use the edit function from your thread here but "Nooo!" you just started a new thread -.-
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    This is not a resource, please don't use the resource tag.
  6. 1. Check if the area has anyone else's area there.
    2. If not, save the coordinates of each corner and the player's UUID in a MySQL or YAML file.
    3. Check if a player breaks/places a block in the area.
    4. If it's not the owner, then cancel the event.