Bug Help with the permission to vip respawn

Discussion in 'Lib's Plugins' started by Rafael, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Please help me with the permission i set to 300 to the vip respawn and i used the permission - hungergames.respawn,- hungergames.vip.respawn but the vip don't respawn please help me,and i using Group Manenger!
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    Redownload it.
  3. ok,it worket thanks
  4. Also regarding this, no offense, but even though permissionsEx is a bit more complicated than Group Manager, I recommend it because there's a lot less errors/a lot more options (at least that I've found) with PEX. But to each their own I suppose. Good luck with your server.
  5. Just weird many people say PEX Is broken.. :confused: works fine for me
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  6. Yeah, no problems on my end.