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  1. Is there any way to not split a string when there is a \ before the place to split?

    I explain myself

    Giving the string "abc-def-ghi" if I use the split("-") I'll get ["abc","def","ghi"]
    But if I have the string "abc\-def-ghi" and I use the split("-") I'll get ["abc\","def","ghi"] but I want to get ["abc-def","ghi"]

    Is there any way to do this?
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  2. MrGeneralQ

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    You can replace the "\" by targetting the symbol with an additional "\". So .replace("\\","")
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  3. And I would have been like "write your own parser"... but this is obviously a smart solution
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  4. Agreed. However, you'd want .replace("\\-", "") to get rid of the hyphen as well, per OP's example. Then proceed to split.

    Edit: OP changed initial post from "I want to get ["abcdef","ghi"]" to "I want to get ["abc-def","ghi"]"
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  5. MrGeneralQ

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    Every solutions has it's pros and cons :)
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  6. Sorry, I misspelled something, I want the result to be ["abc-def","ghi"] not ["abcdef","ghi"]
    However thanks for the advise!
    I have tried it but I can't get it to work, I don't know if I missunderstood
    When I use
    Code (Java):
            String inicial = "abc\\-def-ghi";
            String[] data = inicial.split("\\-");
            for (String a : data)
    I get
    Code (Text):
    And I want to get
    Code (Text):
  7. MrGeneralQ

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    So what if you replace it for each entry?
    Code (Java):

  8. no no no. the initial string was fine how it is.
    \ is an escape character. however, in java, it does not default to an escape character as it does not detect a special character after it.
    so you have to escape the escape character to escape - which is not a standard special character
    initial would be abc\-def-ghi
    .split would be \\-

    /e actually i might be braindead. might be backwards. if that doesnt work, try having \\- in your initial, and just having - in your split
  9. Since String.split supports regex, you could use a negative lookbehind. Not tested, but theoretically:
    Code (Java):
    You may need more backslashes since they might be parsed twice?

    Edit: this basically means if we find "-" that does not have a backslash before it, split here. You'll have to manually remove the backslash out of the resulting array though.
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  10. Didn't work but may be the way to go, where can I find documentation?
  11. splitting
    Code (Java):
    Code (Java):
    "(?<!\\\\)" + Pattern.quote("-")
    Code (Text):
    [abc\-def, ghi]
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  12. It worked, where can I lear this for future ocasions?
  13. MrGeneralQ

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    but "-" is not a special character.

    so can't you just replace it by using:
    Code (Text):
  14. My time to shine has come

    Code (Java):
    boolean ignoreHyphen = false;
    StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
    final List<String> retStrings = new ArrayList<>();
    for (char c: s.toCharArray()) {
        if (c == '\\') {
            ignoreHyphen = true;
        } else if (c == '-' && !ignoreHyphen) {
            if (builder.length() <= 0) continue;
            builder = new StringBuilder();
        } else {
            ignoreHyphen = false;
     if (builder.length() > 0) retStrings.add(builder.toString());
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  15. Wow you really did it, impresive.
    And it works, i'm going to use it
  16. thats what i'd think, but google says theres an issue with that. but i tested it and thats correct. no need to quote -. same result

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  17. Thx :D
    It's still better to use regexes (regular expression, simply search on google) since those are waaay more flexible (also a little bit slower but in almost all cases that's not noticeable)
  18. Thanks everyone
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  19. Untill I understand them completly I'll use your code, ones I learn them I'll move on
  20. MrGeneralQ

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    \\ is also regex. \ is escaping a character, \ is the character to be escaped.