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  1. I'm trying to use WorldEdit as a dependency to load schematics in my plugin. I have 2 questions :

    1. I noticed that the CuboidClipboard class itself is deprecated. If so, I would like to know if an alternative was created for the class.

    2. I've read the schematic into a CuboidClipboard but I want to implement my own pasting method. How would I go about the pasting of blocks since CuboidClipboard contains BaseBlock and not Block. I know I can just do getID() from BaseBlock and do setID() for Block, but I want to be able to know how I can set the NbtData which is stored in BaseBlock or else the NbtData such as sign text and chest contents will be lost
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  2. Would it be possible to cast a CompoundTag (NbtData) to a MetadataValue?
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    You can use BaseBlock.getNBTData to get a block's NBT data (as a WE CompoundTag object), and you can also use the various sub-classes of BaseBlock to handle translating that data for you (such as creating a SignBlock and calling setNBTData).

    I'm not certain that a CuboidClipboard already contains the sub-classes for appropriate block types... that'd make sense, but as I look back at my old code for loading WE schematics, it seems like I assume this is not true.

    If you'd like some example code, here is how I used to do this:
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  4. @NathanWolf Thanks! I'm a bit confused though. In your code, you used a type called MaterialAndData. Where did you get it because I don't think it's a native spigot class.
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    It is not, that's my own internal class for representing a block/item type. You'll have to take that code as a basic example- I wouldn't necessarily do it the way I was doing it, but that should at least point you in the direction of the right WE API methods to use :)
  6. @NathanWolf Oh ok. I think I got my code working now. Thanks so much! :)
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