Help WorldEdit with Paste (1.14.3)

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  1. hi everyone, I have a very serious problem that I can't solve:
    if I want to copy blocks from one place to another I run the commands / first position, / second position, // copy.
    Then I take 2 more coordinates and do:
    / first position, / second position and // paste but it doesn't, because it copies the blocks from my coordinates, not where I got points 1 and 2 ... how do I solve? help please

  2. I read ... and what command can I use to paste in the position I want? ...
  3. Read again: "This remembers your current position relative to the copy. This is a very important concept to grasp otherwise you will not be able to control where you paste your copy!"
    Look at the diagrams.
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  4. yes but this command is not what I want, I don't want to go crazy to find the right position, it doesn't make sense.
    to my user he bugged and copies it where he says it, in my opinion it would work more like this
  5. You can try to use the worldedit tool (Wooden Axe) and select the positions manually.
  6. Make a selection, stand at the corner of the selection, do //copy.
    Move to a new location, stand at the corner of where you want the paste to go, do //paste

    Once you see how it works, it should be easier for you.