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  1. Hello,Ive recently issued a problem on my server and the buckets arent stacking and at the start they stacked but when i used it they all dissapered like its one bucket but now they dont stack could someone help me and make a plugin or tell e how to fix it Help!!! please :(
  2. Hi,
    the first thing that came to my mind when you said that they all disappeared, I thought oversized stacks? And of course filled buckets don't stack.
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  3. do you use an item stacker? or anything that might mess with them stacking if so it could be interfering with them in general. Double check your permissions and check out some other things that are not stacking that might be suppose to do so. Did you change anything right before this started?
  4. Filled buckets do stack i think xD or that its a plugin xD
  5. Wait, really? Then that must be a new update I didn't notice, :D Going into a world to test this.
  6. Pls name ur post after the problem/subject and NOT just "help"