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  1. Okay so Im getting this spamming my console whenever a player is on:

    [19:23:40] [Server thread/INFO]: [@: The entity UUID provided is in an invalid format]

    Plz help, I dont know what it is, im on spigot 1.8/1.8.9
  2. The uuid is a invalid format, I think it means when a player join . The uuid is not parsed as a string therefore minecraft does not know if the player is legit.
  3. Okay, how can I solve that cus Im a legit player (owner and full vesion of mc) but it still happenes for me
  4. Probably cuz you did like /kill test on console and you need to enter full name.
  5. @ChickenPillow Do u have any command blocks running ? It might be a invalid entity entered in the command block
  6. Nope it's a command block error probably.
  7. Thanks guys, I fond what it was, guess what? A command bock on a continuous loop
  8. Nope problem ! Don't forget to like if I helped xd