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  1. Hello, a player have an ''authme hack'' and he know my password!! I've installed plugin only from spigot he says he bypassed Authme, he sended my password too!! How i can fix it?! I risk to get griefed. How i can add a second security (only for admin) for free?! I need it fast please!!

    EDIT: I know i should make my server premium, please give a solution for cracked servers.
  2. Assuming the server is cracked just change your password to something NOT common dotn have a password that is Creeper - have something like : dawiobnadoubw34 - Get the picture. Change password the IP ban that person
  3. The problem is that the password is 21 charactes long!! He have an hack that gets every password!!

    EDIT: The password is absolutely not common.
  4. Choco


    What is preventing you from putting your server to online mode? The offline mode servers are nothing but trouble and shouldn't actually be used to run a server (Unless you're using BungeeCord, in which your servers must be in offline mode) This is one of the reasons offline mode is not supported
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  5. He does not have a hack that gets every password, its completely impossible - Do you have someone else with console access or access to view the Authme file and is trolling you
  6. Are you sure? I don't think, on my server access i have 2FA, and is impossible to get that password.. really, is way too hard.
  7. I know, but instead of saying that, could you help? :p

    P.s Half and more of players are cracked, and i want to give the chance to everyone to play. When my server will be bigger, cracked won't join anymore, that's sure
    P.s.s: I'm using bungeecord.
  8. No offence but dont assume servers just grow from a beanstock - there hard work
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  9. Yes, i know.
  10. Use big/small characters, numbers for your password. Check your minecraft server or dedicated for some virus or wrong, suspicious .JAR file and try to use MySQL
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    Half and more of players are illegally downloading Minecraft ;) Why would you want to support illegal actions? People who don't legally buy the game should not have an opportunity to play
  12. Yes, i agree with you. Maybe in a week ill do it, you made me change idea,
    for the moment a solution? I don't like that someone knows my password..
  13. Using it.
  14. Check your host, MySQL server and etc
  15. Everything it's correct,

    Btw, luckily he don't want to do bad things.. at least. But i'm pretty uh.. scared.
  16. Use authme 3.5 snapshot and broblem will dissapear
  17. And download datduplicateremover plugin
  18. And the fact that if they don't want to pay for the game, why should they bother donating
  19. I'm using that

    EDIT: I'm not using that :p

    EDIT2: i cannot find the 3.5 version, neven on bukkit or spigot.