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  1. Yup, test it.
  2. Ill see..
  3. And tell me what you do.
  4. Just dragged it on plugins folder, other to do?
  5. Nothing, just download and drop in your plugins folder. That plugin HAS no configuration. After install try to join with your nick example niCK or etc
  6. It lets me join without any problems. And the name stays at the same.
  7. What is your name on your server, name who your made first join?
  8. WOWNetwork is the name, the name is crazyhoorse961
    (Need the ip?)

    EDIT: I've bad read, it's crazyhoorse961 and crazyhoorse961
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  9. I changed infos, sorry.
  10. Is it work right?
  11. No :/
    Is there an alternative, like a password (when they execute the first command on join, for admins) after the login, so its really safe.
  12. Can u send me your authme, config.yml ?
  13. Why your passwordHash is MD5? Why not SHA256?

    preventOtherCase: false -- SET to true
  14. Add me on skype i wikl send u authme 3.5
  15. Skype: shime315
  16. Did it,

    P.s: Now they griefed :(
  17. There are only a few ways they can find out your password.
    1. You have added some plugin which is malware and is showing them your password when you login.
    2. They have access to your console etc.
    3. You are using some buggy version of authme.

    The most likely way is the first way. Delete suspicious plugins that are not from a trustable source.

    Remove all permissions of your character. And deop yourself. Use worldguard setting "Deop on join" so that anyone who joins will be de-opped automatically. You need to find out how he got the password, changing it wont matter because if he has a back door, he can always find out your password or change it.
  18. @Gamer_Hexagon
    Alrighty, let me give you a very solid answer to this.

    The player is bluffing. There is no possible way to get that information out of the server files. There is 0 code to even DISPLAY such a thing. The player would have to have direct access to your server files.

    How do you expect people to help? All we can do here on the forums is send you answers.

    The best we can do as an experienced community is to recommend you reset your passwords, change your plugin, ban the player, just do anything possible to protect your data.

    I mean, IP banning is an option as well.

    There are really no secondary options for security for administrators for cracked servers.

    As I said though, reset YOUR password or any other "compromised" password to something new and something only you would know. Make sure no one else has access to your console. Change your console password. Make sure no users are on your multicraft, if any at all.

    That is pretty much all we can say.
    I hope I was able to help in the slightest. If you need actual help, or need someone to do this for you, don't be afraid to privately message me.
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