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  1. How could I do it when he grabs
    A head that does not have the name of "Pepito" nothing happens
    And if you have the name "Pepito" works
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  2. Please study Java and the Spigot API. Thank you.

    Code (Text):

    Skull skull = (Skull) new ItemStack(Material.SKULL);
            if (skull.getData().getOwner().equals("Pepito")) {
                // yes
    I was using 1.8 Spigot so the methods may be different
  3. You check if the name equals the desired string.. If you have to ask this, you need to learn basic java before trying to make plugins.

    Learn java, learn bukkit API, learn to use javadocs.
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  4. Do I code a Bungee Plugin OR a Spigot one for this? Im usually stuck to single server coding but now I'm using Bungee everything is so confusing
  5. If you're coding a plugin for BungeeCord instance, then you can only use BungeeCord API. But, in your case, you need to write a Spigot/Bukkit plugin, because you can't access skulls through BungeeCord plugin (well, you CAN use Plugin Messaging Channel, but you would still need a Bukkit plugin for this).