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  1. Im not really sure where to put this on the forums but, bascially is tehre anyway I could copy my spawn + warzone (BIG) and put it on the same world same seed same coords I just need the rest of the world reset. Or could i maybe reset all the other chunks or anything? Whats the most effecient way I coudl reset the world and just keep the spawn and warzone
  2. worldedit?

    select the region,
    //schematic save <name>

    get the seed by using /seed
    regererate the world with that seed.
    then //schematic load <name>

  3. its too big, just crashed dont work with async world edit either
  4. If you're good with pasting and such, divide your build into 4 parts, and then paste them like a puzzle. This way it won't crash.