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  1. I WANT im add command in block if pepoal right click get the things and have cooldown
  2. can you please rewrite that? If i'm correct you want a plugin that if you right click a block it will remove the block and give you an item? and you have a cooldown between each time you can do this?

    I think this is the plugin you are looking for i am not 100% sure though! -
  3. How to get help on Spigot:
    1) Describe your question a bit more
    2) Give your post a title
    3) Show effort prior to asking a question
    4) Ask one question. You are now basically asking someone to write the entire code for you.
  4. PEOPLE* please spell stuff right

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  5. Correction:

    TS, please spell stuff right.


    I coun't understand it either. But i think this is something custom?
  6. Correction:

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  7. Changed! Sorry.... :D:D
  8. Xd

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