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  1. I have a problem of lag on my server but it is ping the general ping of my user does not lower 150 and the host is in texas and players from mexico go and go to that ping but the weird thing the tps do not go down of 19.50 and I have assigned 4g of ram and is a server of a single mode that do not enter more than 15 users

  2. Are the players complaining about lag? What host
  3. TheJavaHacker


    That honestly doesn't look like a problem to me...
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  4. 1) Which host you have?
    2) How much ram you have?
    3) How many plugins do you have?
    4) What game is your server? (Factions, Prison etc.)
  5. Thank you all for your help, but I already resolved it was the .jar that has been obsolete, I never thought it would be that, but as they say where they least believe is