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  1. If it is your plugin.yml, you could trying using a Yaml checker ( to verify that it is correct
  2. He isn’t exporting it properly
  3. Your jar needs to contain the plugin.yml
  4. before adding a command to the plugin if it served everything: c
  5. You forgot "usage" parameter in "commands" section.
    And plugin.yml must be located in root of your jar.
  6. usage isn't required
  7. Firestar311


    I noticed a few things about your code (The issue fix has been stated above this, this is in addition)
    • Do not use the ConsoleCommandSender to send a message to console like that, please use the getLogger() methods to send that stuff (It looks cleaner, and will also have your plugin's name as a prefix to the messages)
    • Please properly indent your code to make it more readable (There is a shortcut, to do this, but I forget the keybind in Eclipse)
    • You do not need to store the version and name of the plugin from the PluginDescriptionFile if there is no use for them otherwise (I do not know what is in your command class, but it looks like they are not being used)
  8. Don't put your plugin.yml in package. Put it in your src folder. And also delete empty line before commands:.
  9. I am fairly sure that the 'usage' is not needed for commands, each command can even be empty without any issues.

    ConsoleCommandSender should be used if the author wants to support colored console messages, and there is no issue with it.

    For the OP, this is your solution. Just some beginner mistakes.
  10. Newer versions the logger supports color codes... or it’s just Paper. But it isn’t any “Should be” it is “Could be” there is alternative color codes for the logger if you are using outdated versions.
  11. El archivo plugin.yml, va dentro de la carpeta SRC
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  12. Thank you for the information! I served a lot
    thank you all for helping me and giving me your knowledge °
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