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  1. hello there,
    so I've been trying to learn to CODE
    for a bit while.
    I bought some courses and stuff
    but I still struggle to code
    because of lines, tools and the right software
    does anybody know how can I improve and learn how to acutely get better at it and understand?
    *(I'm mostly trying to learn spigot plugins creation at first step)*
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  3. My best advice is to try and do small projects that don't require big libraries such as spigot. It is essential that you learn basic programming concepts, such as what OOP is, variables, functions etc. Learning those sort of concepts will set the foundation for working on an API such as spigot. Once you learn those concepts you can then apply it to spigot, learning to code is a long process and can only be learnt with first hand experience. It's best to ease yourself into it rather than starting off with high expectations.
  4. Watch some Youtube tutorials, write the code with them and update it, get some ideas to add to the code with you existing knowledge, join a discord for programmers. Ask for help!
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  5. You don't need to buy anything to learn how to code. YouTube videos, websites, official documentations, and books are enough.