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  1. okay im making an op prison server and when i do /enchant protection 50 it does protection.level.50 how do i change to protection 50?
  2. That is Protection 50.
    When you you go higher than the survival enchantment level limit, it does protection.level.<level> instead of, for example; Protection IV
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  3. Srry for pinging but @RagJag__, you wouldn't expect it to go Protection XXXXX... Right. I hope not.
  4. 50 = L so it wouldn't be XXXXX but L lol

    But yeah anyways,
    You still could try to hide the enchantments and add a lore to the item to make it sounds like it's Protection 50.
  5. i've seen it done in servers proticion 50
  6. not proticion.level.50
  7. As I said:
  8. how can i hide the enchantements?