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  1. what is a good computer for hosting servers also put a link to buy it
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    Welcome to the Spigot Community;

    First of all, it depends on how many players and what the actual server is intended for; for example would you be hosting 50 players on 1 server, or 100 players across multiple servers. Would you be using an extensive plugin set, or just a few plugins, multiple worlds? What is the target market's location? - the list goes on.

    Please give us an indication as to what you will be doing with the computer/server.
  3. a 100 player server with about 3 plugins the survival games
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  4. If you're planning to host a decent sized server, I'd recommend using a hosting service such as Beastnode (shared), or SecuredServers (dedicated). Home hosting is generally a bad idea because of Internet speed, costs (its usually actually cheaper to rent), and hardware issues.

    Since the server is that large, you'll probably want a dedicated server, assuming you know Linux. I'd say maybe a KS1 from OVH would be a good place to start. Its only $40, but may not be able to handle 100 players. It's an i3 with 8GB of RAM. The i3 is probably really all you need since its just one server anyway, and 8GB will probably suffice for around 60 players safely.

    Not the best setup, but definitely somewhere to start.
  5. naii want to host it
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    any 3-plugin server wont be good enough to hold 100 players. Lets say 25, or 30 for safety.

    OVH has a good 32GB RAM, 3.4Ghz CPU, 120GB SSD, 100Mbps connection, for £40/month - i would recommend you go for that.

    Then you will be getting few players, and will probably be more expensive, and probably with a sh**ty internet.
    Warning: Most ISP's have a LIMITED amount of traffic per month, and WILL charge you a lot more if you go over that amount.
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  7. Agreed. Home hosting is only good for friends. A decent server will cost you thousands of dollars (or euros or pounds or whatever you use) and will still only run 10 players on a bad internet connection. You'll need at least 100mbit internet if you want to even consider ho,e hosting.
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    Thats true, anyone can get a $10 server and run lots of players, i run half the players for £73/month that i used to pay £24/month, but i have got so much better performance. My users love it :) (Because few cracked servers are non-laggy)

    You would probably only need 50Mbps if you're under 100 people online, but after that it needs 100Mbps or more. Of course thats forgetting the dreaded DDoS attacks.
  9. whats a good cumputer for hosting servers and how do you get ddos protection
  10. i have 120gb of internet
  11. Like the others have said, I also recommend picking up one of the cheaper OVH plans for the moment. I currently have the KS2 plan, and it can hold 80 players with no problems and has room for a lot more (especially in a BungeeCord setup), so I assume the KS1 will be enough until you're ready to expand.
    Some may tell you that "you get what you pay for" with OVH, claiming that it's a low-quality host provider. I've honestly never had any issues all this time I've been with them, and I'm sure many others didn't either. Simply put - YMMV, although I believe that your experience should be a positive one.

    joehot actually brought up a few good points in his post.
    • With how saturated all these minigames are currently, running some 3 basic plugins and a couple of Hunger Games maps won't bring in 100 players just like that. Be prepared to offered something unique or have a good advertising tactic to get your server out there, constantly attracting new players.
    • Don't plan on hosting the server yourself. Home-hosted servers tend to barely get any actual players, and are only good for a couple of friends to play around, really. With how much the hardware/other services cost, it's a better option to simply rent out hosting from a trusted company, rather than going through the hassle of setting it up all on your own.
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    I had 1800GB of bandwith - it could not even take 30 players.
  13. how do those hosting companies get good servers
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  14. If you really want to... Just build your computer, has almost all the specs you need for a decent machine. Who so ignorant?
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  15. That works if you want to co locate or if you have high speed (>50mbit) home internet.
  16. OP = troll
    No doubt.
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    by having a damn datacentre close to an ISP and then pay the hosting providers lots of £££ to get 10Gbps/100Gbps bandwith. (i dread to think how much Gbps ovh has coming in/out :confused:)
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