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  1. I was home hosted for a week or so and everything worked perfectly. I got a VPS today and as soon as i set it up i could see something was wrong. I used ftp to put my server on there and ran it as normal, immediately there were tons of errors (there had been none before) and all of essentials, coloredsigns, pvp levels etc stopped working as well as world edit (which i really need). The reason i got a VPS is because my internet is very slow but this is even worse.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. You really haven't give too much information on the error. Would you mind pasting your latest Spigot log?
  3. latest.log had to change file type as .log isn't allowed

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  4. Looks like an incorrect java version,
  5. which do I need?
  6. Most plugins are Java 1.7
  7. ok thanks alot, it makes sense java 1.7 on pc 1.6 on vps! :)