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  1. Here is my error... I am reporting to you like he said:D

    Someone Help me please... I can send the full log if you want..
  2. Ok nice answer:D but in my county ... 1.7.9 and 1.7.10 is more popular..
    So i have to keep use 1.7.9 and 1.7.10 builds:S
    Whats the main problem or plugin can anyone say?
  3. Can I see a list of your plugins, it seems to be a plugin with author roei12...
  4. Okay... wow that log :D, Firstly you have an awful lot of plugins so let me just warn you that can get really messy, Secondly it looks like autorank failed to initialize properly so make sure you have the correct version and also check your version of vault. Thirdly, the disease plugin threw an error on player interact so you may want to check your version of that and make sure it is supported. Those errors could be causing the issue.
  5. Also how much RAM have you assigned to this server?
  6. it is not about being messy.. My server has ton of specialities...S
    title silahli faction
    java -XX:MaxPermSize=2G -Duser.language=en -Xmx14G -jar spigot.jar
    goto start

    I got 2x 32gb i73770k dedicated server
  7. And how much RAM on average does the server use? Also are there any specific events you know of in game leading up to this crash?
  8. Its really not using ram or cpu so much.. I never filled my both devices before.. And every night at 1:00 AM .. I am restarting my devices ..
    So it is making me crazy.. why my servers becoming laggy and crashing?.
  9. It can be down to a lot of things and trust me I understand how annoying it is, the best thing to do is just check all your plugins startup correctly, are up to date and work efficiently. I had a problem with a server a while back (same sort of issue) and I found that ensuring there were no errors on startup did actually eliminate lag and crashing, this isn't always the case though. It could be down to other things such as too many players, plugins, entities or chunks loaded.
  10. Running Timing reports can help you track down what's showing down your server.
  11. Good point... @Darkness93 use /timings on and then paste and give us a screenshot or the link here.
  12. Maybe a error with a plugin.
    Use another spigot build.
  13. Pls name ur post after the problem/subject and NOT just "help"
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  14. Thanks for necroposting... o_O