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  2. tell me what more info u need then??
  3. Like your ip
    Plugins list
    server log
  4. my server IP =
  5. join my server and help me please ;(
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  6. You haven't described the problem as much as you could.. A couple screenshots and your plugins doesn't qualify. As far as we know the only thing wring with that message is the colour.
  7. wanna maybe help with TeamViewer?
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  8. No.
  9. how im gonna fix this problem then?? -_-
  10. oH MY GOD!? YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO THINK!!?!?!?!??!?

    Well, either think or post more information.
  11. listen idk what the problem is with this butt when i download plugins and paste in my plugin folder and try to run them ingame i get this message! ( what u saw in the picture!) now is my question! how can i enable this command in every world??
  12. Okay
    Kingdoms is disabled in that world
    Enable it
  13. yes how?!!! thats the big question! xD
  14. i heard about PerWorldPlugin butt i dont understand that one really xD
  15. this problem is only in the other world's like factions/kitpvp butt in the STANDART world it works lol
  16. no one can help me #FAIL
  17. finaly found it out by myself man man man xD