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  1. so i maid a server and it wont let people on it just said pinging and doesnt load can any one help me
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  2. Can you join it?
  3. There is a myriad of issues that can lead to this happening, I cannot even begin to list them all. We're going to need more details.
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  4. I may be wrong, but I think it's because of error ID# 10t or maybe error No. 0b

    ^ Just for poops and giggles. If you expect help, you need to tell us as much information as possible. Did you set up your server correctly, did you port forward correctly, are you giving out the right IP, etc?
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  5. Have you port forwarded the server?
  6. yes
  7. no what do i have to do?
  8. yes i gave the right ip and i am new tomaking a server so i might have set it up incorectly
  9. - This is under the assumption that you are home hosting your server, not paying a server host to host it for you -

    What you probably have as your "server IP" is actually your computer IP, for example if your IP is (that's just an example), you can put that into your "server-IP=" in the file and connect to your server that way. BUT anyone else on the internet cannot join unless you port forward your router (the machine that takes data from your computer and sends it to the internet and vice versa).

    Just look up "port forward Minecraft server" on Youtube. I cannot tell you what to do here because there are many different types of routers on the market. You need to know your make and model and find a tutorial that fits that. has some good tutorials for all the routers, so once you find what yours is you can easily port forward it by following the instructions on that site. That is, if you don't mind reading. A Youtube tutorial would be easier but one does not exist for every type of router.

    But, there still might be some errors that you do not know how to solve. It was very difficult for me to port forward my Netgear router for my Minecraft server, and I ended up using a server host instead, for $8 a month.

    And, finally, this takes time to do but does not require any external programs. If you are using the program called Hamachi to host your server, there will be a maximum of 5 unique users who can get on, which is very very low. And all of those people need to join your Hamachi network. If you are using Hamachi, which I don't recommend, there is entirely different process to do this which I can give to you if you need it, or just search on the internet.
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  10. thanks um i used hamachi thats probably why and i am hosting it on my computer but do i have to set up the router thing??
  11. If you are using Hamachi, you don't need to port forward your router.

    However, with Hamachi there can only be a maximum of five unique users including yourself (very, very low) and all of them need the username and password to your Hamachi network. If someone tries to join your server with the IP but without access to your network, their data will not reach your server and vice versa because Hamachi's routers will block it. This is because if so many bits and bytes are going to and from Hamachi due to a whole bunch of people joining the server, it will cost Hamachi a lot of money. And since Hamachi is a company that needs to make money, you need to buy the full premium version of Hamachi in order for more people to join. The free (unmanaged) version comes at significantly reduced operating capability.

    Anyhow, if you want someone to join your server via Hamachi, they need to do more than just type in your IP and click "add server"...

    1. They need to download Unmanaged Hamachi (found here:

    2. Once it is downloaded, they need to open it up and go to Network -> Join an existing network

    3. They need to type in your network username and password (if you've set one) in order to join it. Your network is listed right there, but if you have forgotten your password you may need to delete your network and create a new one with a password you can remember!

    4. A list of all computers connected to the network will then be visible. You need to be online when they right click your name and click "Copy IPv4 Address". This is the IP that they will use to connect to your server. Note that you must "power on" your Hamachi for your network to be online and thus, for your friends to be able to join your server, in addition to starting up your server via the usual "" or "run.bat" etc. file. So your computer needs to be running and you need those two programs running for your friends to be able join the server.

    If its just you and your friends trying to play together, Hamachi might be a viable option, but everyone who plays on the server needs to go through the four steps that I wrote, before joining. Again, the most people that can be in the network and be on the server is five, you and four friends.

    If you have more than four people that want to join, you need to home host your server by port forwarding your router, using the instructions I gave you in my first post. This shares a disadvantage with Hamachi in that people can only join when your computer is running and you've turned your server on, and it also is harder to set up. However, no one needs to download any programs, they can just type in your IP and join. And, you can have as many people as you want, on your server (although there might be lag, depending on how much dedicated RAM your server has, so you might want to set a maximum online to 10 or 20, there can be as many unique users as possible).

    The best way to run a server is to use a third-party hosting website (I use for my server). You can have any number of people, depending on dedicated RAM, just like home hosting with a port forwarded router, but the server stays online all the time without you having to do anything. That means other people can log in and play without you being there and without your computer being on. The downside to this is, of course, that you need to pay money. But this is not as bad as it sounds; the cheapest plan on Ownage Hosting is only $1.50 per month, which is cheaper than the electricity you will need to pay for if you keep your computer running for extended periods of time just to have your server up. This doesn't cost anything for them because they are already running a whole bunch of giant servers anyways.

    Best of luck :)