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  1. Hello fellow readers, I created this post to inspire/motivate developers to minimize there plugin(s) to make sure it doesn't lag servers. The ideas can be anything related, or maybe a plugin its self to help.

    To start off the discussion I would like to throw an idea I would like devs to possibly implement. In this suggestion I discuss how animations could help servers by being less laggy. So here's the method, if plugin/server drops the server to x amount of TPS the animations will slow down.

    Ex) 20 TPS, {plugin name} drops it to let's say 10 TPS, then the animations slow down.

    If say the animations were all 1-2 ticks fast then the plugin would set them to 5 ticks fast till the TPS reaches say 15 TPS maybe?

    That's my idea for devs but I want to hear YOUR thoughts as it only makes spigot a better place :) If your plugin uses an idea from this comment section be sure to post it as well.

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    Commented ideas:
    These are ideas that are recommended to use by users in the comment section
    - Config section to limit what you want enabled by the plugin.

    - More to come soon!
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  2. If you make a plugin make it modular so you can turn things you need on and thinngs you don't need off.
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