Helping another server

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by lluiscab, May 10, 2015.

  1. Hi! Today I want to help a server owned by a friend. I would like that if a player from my server enters his server, the player receives a reward on my server. Do you know any plugin that can help me on doing this? And also do you know any plugin that can assign specific rewards based on the contents of a database provided by the second server?
  2. How are the servers set up? Host etc
  3. The two servers are running spigot 1.8. I have unlimited mysql databases, so that's no problem with this.
  4. What's the host
  5. That might not be very important, he could set it up so that if a player joins on his friends server for the first time it adds the player's UUID to the 2 tables, one is hasJoined and another needsReward, when he joins his own server it could check if the player's UUID is in needsReward and gives them the item then removes them from needsReward. (If they join the friends server again and they are in hasJoined it doesn't add them to needsReward)
  6. It might be, maybe one server can't access another ones database.
  7. dailyrewards or something?