Hero Chat issues and question!

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by HawkBuilder, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hello, I want to make a local chat for my server, but idk how u config that to make a new chat in the config...
    Here is what I have in my config now

    can-kick: true
    can-ban: true
    can-mute: true
    can-remove-channel: true
    can-modify-nick: true
    can-modify-color: true
    can-modify-distance: true
    can-modify-password: true
    can-modify-format: false
    can-modify-shortcut: false
    can-modify-verbose: true
    can-modify-focusable: false
    can-modify-crossworld: false
    can-color-messages: true
    can-view-info: true
    can-focus: true
    default-channel: Global
    default: '{color}[{nick}] &f{prefix}{sender}{suffix}{color}: {msg}'
    announce: '{color}[{nick}] {msg}'
    emote: '{color}[{nick}] * {msg}'
    private-message: '&d{convoaddress} {convopartner}&d: {msg}'
    use-channel-emotes: true
    locale: en_US
    log-chat: true
    log-to-bukkit: false
    twitter-style-private-messages: true
    channel: Local