Herochat and factions double chat

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  1. When i install Herochat and factions together i Get Double chat this happened to me a long time ago i forget what i did if anyone has had this issue and knows how to fix it let me know.
  2. Remove essentials chat?
  3. Has nothing to do with essentials chat its something with herochat and factions there was a line i had to edit in herochat config or something i forget how to do it.
  4. Ow ok sorry but i don't work with herochat :/
  5. Go to mstore , search for factions_config, open it up and disable Faction chat from there.
  6. I didnt see a option for that unelss im blind here is the config http://pastebin.com/0FMNuhDM
  7. Line 129
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  8. That didnt work all it did was dissbale faction prefixes here is what i am talking about everything you talk it says it twice

    so for example i said tt and it said [owner jwpwns]tt and [g][owner]jwpwns tt