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  1. @Hmmcrunchy I run it on a 1.15.2 server with no issues that i can see.
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  2. perfecto thanks :)
  3. How would I link this plugin with Essentials socialspy? I have tried putting commands from Herochat under socialspy-commands and it didn't help.
  4. upload_2020-5-4_11-9-28.png

    Having this issue recently, where shortcut for channel shows unknown command. However, it still works after you hit enter after typing your message.

    Using Papermc, and latest herochat.
  5. Hello

    In use with the Characters plugin, I am able to use %characters_name% through pAPI to get character's set names to show up in the chat. The placeholder is passed fine and works with other plugins including herochat.

    However, despite formatting my /emote commands to work as expected, their displayname is still showing up. For some reason the displayname of the user will always display no matter what changes are made to the emote format line within the config.yml, shown below.

    The output should simply read " * Old man <input "


    However, when the above formatting is properly configured, and properly saved into herochat, the output is this:


    In which the user's displayname is inserted before the placeholder and the {msg} portion, despite not requesting {displayname} within the formatting line of emotes.

    This message was posted in the Herochat Pro discord's #support channel for 3 weeks with 0 reply. I am a purchasing customer.
  6. Hey, when I use / me with Herochat, I have a duplicate nickname

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  7. Hi Anathos,

    I've tried for a few months to get the developer to respond, or even care enough to look into this issue!
    He's essentially stated he doesn't care and that "your mileage may vary" (read this as: I'm not fixing anything).

    A workaround for this can be done by creating an emote-specific channel that is a "copy" of your main channel's setting. Then, go through and format it with the formatting config line to look how you'd like your emote to look. Setting a shortcut to something like /me or /em (emote channel shortcut) will allow you to use it quickly.

    For example, I have a "say" channel, /s which is the default chatting channel that goes 35 blocks.
    I had to create an "emote" channel, overwriting /me to be a channel shortcut. This also goes 35 blocks but is formatted to look more like an emote.

    Sadly, with this workaround you're only able to have one emote-channel if you're trying to make it look as intended. You'd have to have another emote channel per channel you are trying to replicate emotes on, all with different shortcuts.

    If only the developer cared enough to fix this issue for purchasers of Herochat Pro.
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  8. I guess support for hex colour codes is out of the question then :ROFLMAO::rolleyes: