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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Kainzo, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Doesn't work in private msg. Those only seem to work with normal chat channels. Unless there is something I am doing wrong?
    /msg <user> &4hi --> will just show up as whatever is formatted in the files.
  2. private chat, yah idk about that, maybe separate plugin might do that?
  3. Hi guys i am having a problem to make these tags work {factions_faction_name} {factions_roleprefix}, as you see it here it appears in chat in game, isnt herochat supporting faction tags ? Can you help me ?
    Thank you !
  4. You add the permissions via your permissions plugin. Not in a file.
    For example (this may not work in all permissions plugins you will need to research yours):
    Code (Text):
    /perm user UserNameHere permission set herochat.create true
    /perm group GroupNameHere permission set herochat.create true
  5. Does not working .
  6. Then your permission plugin doesn't function with BukkitPerms. We suggest zPerms, bPerms or LuckPerms - all are tested and working.
    Good luck!
  7. I have luckperms thou.
  8. This is the exact same permission nodes we're using on LuckPerms and everything is functioning fine.
    Can you provide your start log via paste2 ?
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  9. I have figured it out . Thank you for your support and i have deleted my previous reviews. :)
  10. Appreciate it!
    What was the issue? It may help others to know what went wrong just incase they have the same issue.
  11. @Kainzo Hows the upgrading coming? Are we still on track with hooking "PlaceholdersAPI"? Another sweet addition would be DeluxeChat could hook into Herochat, an additional option for Formatting. . Just some Food for Thought...

    Thank you again for a wonderful Resource...
  12. Hey there Jffsprs - I've passed the planned features update to @Eisenwave - hes working with our team to keep Herochat updated and such he'll be getting a cut of all downloads :)

    I dont have an ETA yet on those features, but they will be there.
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  13. Kainzo updated Herochat: Minecraft Chat Channels (50% off for 1.12 release!) with a new update entry:

    Spam Filter / Rate Limiting on channels.

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  14. If you enjoy Herochat, please give us a review and 5 stars! Planned features are starting to roll out!
  15. dwi


    What is the point of "log-colors: true" setting?

    Can you please for a love of god make the color console logging (and now also the plugin prefix) toggleable? Asked about that few times on the irc channel and mentioned it also in the plugin review. Seen the Heorchat code, it is not that much work to be added, really.
  16. I want to ask you guys.
    I have UUIdFaction and they are using placeholders is there a way i can use your plugin with their faction pluigin ?
    Thank you for your answer .
  17. @Eisenwave has taken over development for the project. If you want to assist in upkeeping Herochat - I'd be all for it.
    The codebase between 5.7 and 6.0 are different, we rebased off the legacy branch so we didnt break compatibility for 100+ plugins.
  18. Kainzo updated Herochat: Minecraft Chat Channels (50% off for 1.12 release!) with a new update entry:

    Native Cross-Server Chat support + color logging support

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  19. dwi


    Yeah, the cross-server channel chat now works without any additional needed plugins on the bungee/spigot side.