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Cross-server capabilities for Herochat.

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    HerochatBungeeBridge - Bungee - Cross-server capabilities for Herochat.

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  2. i love hero chat and i am new to bungeecord
    so this came at great timing seeing as my server just converted to a bungeecord/ spigot server
    but i cant seem to get it work and i am not getting any errors on my console

    are there any perms i need to add?

    tried to use the spigot IRC for some help but they seem to just be trolls mostly lol
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  3. This isnt officially endorsed by my team but I'll look into helping on it to make sure it runs as best as it can.
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  4. Yeah, sorry, I probably should have asked you guys first. I just assumed the API was free to use without credit. Oops.
  5. woot! works great now guys thanks!
  6. No problem :) there was a silly little bug that I forgot to squash ;)
  7. Beautiful, so simple yet so useful. One thing tho: it doesn't correctly show the channel prefix format
    [VIP]Blabla: Hello
    shows in another server:
    [N[G%1$s: [VIP]Blabla: Hello
  8. That's really odd... I don't know why that's happening. I could add a config to change this.. but I kinda want to keep it as simple as possible.

    You say it doesn't show the channel prefix; do you actually have the channel prefix enabled? it doesn't look like it in the first message. I will try fix this, nevertheless.
  9. Resetting herochat channels seems to have fixed this.And yes, i don't like having channel prefixes.It's solved now, thanks! ;)

    It would be nice to have a config to change the way the message shows, to be able to change [N] with a custom or none nick for each server.
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  10. I suppose I could add an optional config. Might not happen though - depends if I have any time.
  11. You are free (and encouraged) to use the API provided. The name is a little "official" sounding and there's a chance we may release an official bridge later. For now though, I don't mind.
  12. joehot200


    Why not just support him instead of releasing duplicate things?
  13. Damn, looks like Herochat changed the API. Have you got the latest version of Herochat? If not, update it. Otherwise, I'll have to change this.
  14. Its only happening on one server so Im assuming that server has an outdated herochat. Ill switch over to the latest, thnx for the info.

    EDIT: Updated herochat and works great!

    PS: DO you plan on adding any config for ignored channels and such? Also maybe an option for format?
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  15. Ok. I'll add a config for ignored channels - should be fairly simple.
  16. Setting a distance for local chat doesn't seem to work correctly.

    Server X has a local chat set to a distance of 100 blocks.
    Server Y can read the local chat of server X, regardless of the location.

    I have specified the world in the herochat Local chat config.

    Is there a way to get this solved?
  17. Im having the same issue also. To get around this either rename one of the local chats to like "localx" so that it doesnt send chat from that channel to the other server.

    This is actually the reason I requested an option for ignored channels.
  18. I'm not sure this would make sense really - two different worlds have two different 'coordinate systems' if you know what I mean - I suppose I could pass the coordinates but x0,z0 on server1 and x10,z0 on server2 would be linked - but they are very far away, unless you have alike worlds.

    Yeah. I'm adding it now. Gotta test it though