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Cross-server capabilities for Herochat.

  1. I would have thought that the channel format for the channel would be used at least. Would be livable if the [DC] appeared to show which channel it was instead of just the green.
  2. joehot200


    It is impossible without a bukkit plugin.
  3. Haven't added a channel format thing.
    This was more meant as a simple way to do it without changing loads of stuff. If you want more complicated stuff, I'd go with another plugin :p

    There is a Bukkit plugin...... :p
    Anyway I guess it could be possible as BungeeCord does intercept the chat message when it gets sent to players and I could extract the prefix.... but I cba ;)
  4. joehot200


    Prefixes are done by the server, therefore you would need to modify that bukkit plugin to get the prefixes.
  5. I know that.....! Sorry meant without a Bukkit plugin :p
    Not massively high on my ToDo list though.
  6. I'd also love to be able to change the [N] tag and have prefixes that carry over. Perhaps even a world or server tag that shows what server the sender is on?
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  7. I'll probably update this soon - however I'm focusing on updating my server to 1.7 first :)
  8. Awesome, keep up the great work! :D
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  9. I've asked before but I'm going to approach this from a different angle...

    I have two servers using the same herochat configuration. We use scripts to make sure they are always the same. When we use the bridge, the herochat formatting is retained on the originating server but not on any of the other servers. Why is this?

    If there is going to be a bridge between herochat channels I would have thought one of the things would be using the formatting of the channel in the herochat config, not something different?
  10. I agree with that.
  11. Can you post your formatting?
  12. Hey KoolKrafter

    First of all, thanks for making a nice plugin, I appreciate it :)

    I would also like to see the aforementioned features implemented (HeroChat-formatting/prefixes, option to remove the [N]/customize it and perhaps a optional server tag. /msg would be nice too.

    Perhaps you could add your code to GitHub so the community can contribute to it? (Not sure what license you've released this under)

  13. Cheers :)

    Sure, I'll release it to github.
    Haven't really put it under a license, I guess you can consider it open source! I've looked into hooking messages into Herochat but I'm not really sure its possible with the API. I'm sure its possible a different way so I'll look into it.
  14. Ok, added source links on both of them. Please make pull requests :p
  15. Is it possble to remove [N] ?
  16. I haven't implemented anything but if you know how you can decompile it and change it.
  17. Hi,

    First, everything worked well, but when my host's IP changed, no more. I now have this error: http://pastebin.com/sswSM51Q

    Is there a way to get this solved?
  18. I think you're using Java 6. Update, or if you can't, I can try recompile for java 6!
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  19. Hi, You was right, They were running on Java 6, They have already changed it
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  20. Hi,

    Could you add a option to remove the [N]. I can not do something like that myself. Several people want this too.