Bungee - Proxy HerochatBungeeBridge - Bungee 1.1.0

Cross-server capabilities for Herochat.

  1. Yes, I'll probably release it soon, along with msg support although it might be in the release after.
  2. it don't work idk what i deed

    how i did it:
    1. I have install Herochat on all servers every server with his own channel and i add on every server the same channels
    2. i upload the 2 .jars from HerochatBungeeBridge bungee to the bungee plugins and add HerochatBungeeBridge - bukkit in my bukkit folders
    3. i restart my server

    when i change from chat with /ch join <serverchannel> it don't work

    what i do? HELP
    (i use it for the admins for chat control on all servers)
  3. Have you edited the config to whitelist your channels on the Bungee plugin? I think it might be a bit screwed up, but try toggling whitelist to false/true.
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  4. Hi,

    Can you give a release date for the new update? Which you can remove the [N]

  5. and mabye the MSG function likes me great :D
  6. I believe herochat are releasing a new version with msg support. I don't know when it'll be out, you'd have to ask them.
  7. Oke ;) i wait and i gotta search why my prefix only works on survival (only by survival can you see on onther servers the prefix)

    and wait on a update
  8. Any way to make it so it shows the full name of that chat, as well as remove's the [N]? I want it to say Global not [G].
  9. As well as PEX prefix's don't carry over to the other server, even if they have the rank on both servers
  10. same problem but on 1 server it work idk how it can scary :confused:
  11. Configuration for a server of yours, essentials I believe has an option. Since the author Open Sourced this we made a patch that does prefixs as well as removes the [N]! Thanks for an awesome add on! ^_^
  12. Hi Kool. I understand that you're waiting on Herochat, but what is your estimation of the earliest possible date for a release with all the main features (/msg, prefixes and suffixes, the removal/change of [N]).

    We're trying to release a server, and we'd much rather use this over BungeeSuiteChat, but it depends on how long we'd be waiting.

    I've seen your dev build, and while it looks really good, it still doesn't address /msg and prefixes. I'll try and do a bit of bug-testing on it in the future.

    Thanks ^^

    Would it be possible to get a copy of this patch?
  13. hey, could you make a pull req with your changes and maybe the autor can merge them ?

  14. Sure, I will just recompile it, I am still a newb to github and have no idea how to make a pull request. I might be able to do it through IDE though. Will do it as soon as I am home, will add a config for it in which you can disable it, or add your own prefix.
  15. Sorry about the late response, I was away!
    Thanks for the contribution @97WaterPolo I'll update the main download on here.
    Regarding /msg if a new version of Herochat doesn't come out soon (they have it on their feature list but I'm not sure if anyone is actually working on it) then I'll give it a go. It is kind of hard because there is no way to get a list of all players online on the BungeeCord server from a Bukkit server without querying it.
  16. Actually what's different from yours and my dev build here? http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/herochatbungeebridge-bukkit.4892/page-2#post-96423

    If there was a bug or something that's cool. I didn't really check it too well lol
  17. On phone ATM hard to view, all I did was at a config option for the prefix, so you could disable it if needed. I didn't look at your dev build, probably should have. Thanks again for this resource!