Bungee - Proxy HerochatBungeeBridge - Bungee 1.1.0

Cross-server capabilities for Herochat.

  1. Ok cool. No problem, glad it is useful! :D
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  2. Anyway you could integrate with Yamler-bungee? Had to move over to that from BungeeSuite to GeSuite..
    We're still working on the HeroChat revamp so it doesnt need any extra plugins to work cross-server but it isnt there yet.
  3. Yeah okay. I'll get that done.
  4. That's odd. I might have accidentally changed the code for the whitelist.
    Can you set it to true if its false and vice versa?
  5. Yeah... still no worky... I updated my entire bungee instance to use GeSuite and YAmler 1.5.2 (soon 2.1.1)
    It was working fine before.
  6. Ill test out that build..
    https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/zmjmmgnr << was the one before this post.

    Herochat wont be on SQL no... however, it will auto-forward the messages and will eliminate the need for this plugin - still in dev/testing. It also changes the api almost completely.
  7. Okay cool. How did you implement private messaging?
  8. We havent yet... but its going to be hard to do..

    I tested that build - it seems to work but LOCAL and SHOUT channels are somehow "global" - very odd.


    Here's the current config...
    Those channels work fine as well - but it seems "ALL" channels are sending on the list or not.
  9. Oh I removed the config as I didn't realise you were using it.. sorry. I'll add it back in, probably will do some testing beforehand though.
    Might be a few days before I can release it, kinda busy. Sorry :p
  10. Claush


    Love the bridge - Thanks!

    We got one issue though - seems players can use colors via the bridge, even though they shouldnt be able to.
    Colors when used with &b will be visible on the recieving servers (not on the local server it is sent from) = It can show colors when [N] is the first prefix... Players do not have the color permission from Essentials.
  11. Should be fixed, download the latest HerochatBungeeBridgeBukkit.

    As for this plugin... Herochat seems kinda dead(?), if it is I might be coding my own chat solution, which retains compatibility with Herochat as in commands and stuff. How's it going @Kainzo ?
  12. Claush


    Excellent - Thank you so much! Will test it in the morning.

    And I like Herochat - I have not really looked that much on alternatives, but anything made better would be interesting for sure.

    For the bridge - only thing I could really hope/wish for now is to replace the [N] with some predefined prefix - So players would know exactly what other server the chat comes from.

    Ohh, btw. when I'm here. The bridge also sends messages to the Nether+The End on the recieving servers. Is there a way to avoid that?

    Thanks again!
  13. Ok sure.
    I'd only make a new chat plugin if Herochat doesn't update - I don't know what's going on, they might be about to release it any second :D

    You can already replace [N] with the first letter of the prefix. Just set prefix-symbol in the config.yml to ''.

    I could code that if you want. PM me so I don't forget :D
  14. Claush


    *scratch head* which config.yml is that? I don't see it in any of the possible configs
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  15. Should be in the BungeeChatBukkit or BungeeChatClient folder, can't remember which.
  16. This plugin sounds awesome!

    I will be using it

    Is the plugin working well?


    I will be using this as an alternative to cloudchat
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  17. MikeA

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    This plugin still works and I am using it on my servers.