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Cross-server capabilities for Herochat.

  1. May I go test it

    Which is the IP
  2. Using it now! Seems to be working well!
  3. Maybe, you can add, when you send a Message with Herochat through the console (ch qm <channel> <test>)
    the message is only displayed on one server.
  4. Sorry for the late response, I don't get notifications for some reason.
    I could but I would probably have to modify Herochat.

    Also, @Kainzo , how is the multi-server version of Herochat coming on? :p
  5. Will this plugin be able to support Yamler instead of BungeeYAML instead?
  6. Use that link. It removes the config completely.
  7. Why dont work /w
  8. I have no idea what you mean. :p
  9. The herochat command "/w".

    Never mind...
  10. Oh right.. I just looked it up. Is that private message? If it is, I can't really get cross server pm's working without rewriting a lot of Herochat.
  11. Yes, that's it. Just what I really like about it is that you the example / w test can enter and remain in the private chat. :)
  12. This plugin work with Factions
    I use LibChat but it don't work with Factions.
    I would like replace LibChat by this plugin. Can you help me?
  13. Hmm, we use factions too. Do you want Faction prefix? That's able. ;)
    Look at Herochat projet page.

    greetings Premx
  14. Currently, I use Factions without HeroChat.
    If I want cross-server chat with Factions, I must install HeroChat on my all Minecraft servers?
  15. I'm not sure if it works with Factions, it probably would, if hHerochat does.

    For the plugin to work, you need to install Herochat and the plugin on all servers, yes :)
  16. I'm having trouble getting the thing to work. It simply won't send messages across the two servers that I have connected and I have no clue why.

    Bungee (Build #1015) plugins:

    Server #1 (Craftbukkit 1.7.10 #1950) plugins:

    Server #2 (Cauldron 1.7.10-1.1207.01.198) plugins:

    We only have one channel, global, which has identical configs on both servers.

    name: Global
    nick: g
    format: '{default}'
    distance: 0
    shortcut: false
    verbose: true
    crossworld: true
    muted: false
    worlds: []
    bans: []
    mutes: []
    moderators: []
    password: ''
    color: GREEN

    The identical Herochat config is as follows:

    can-kick: true
    can-ban: true
    can-mute: true
    can-remove-channel: true
    can-modify-nick: true
    can-modify-color: true
    can-modify-distance: true
    can-modify-password: true
    can-modify-format: false
    can-modify-shortcut: false
    can-modify-verbose: true
    can-modify-focusable: false
    can-modify-crossworld: false
    can-color-messages: true
    can-view-info: true
    can-focus: true
    default-channel: Global
    censors: []
    default: '{color}[{nick}]{prefix}<{sender}> &f{msg}'
    announce: '{color}[{nick}] {msg}'
    emote: '{color}[{nick}] * {msg}'
    private-message: '&d{convoaddress} {convopartner}&d: {msg}'
    use-channel-emotes: true
    locale: en_US
    log-chat: true
    log-to-bukkit: false
    twitter-style-private-messages: true

    I could use a .rar of a working bridge setup to do some bug hunting by myself, if that's possible!
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  17. You've to close the String!

    ---> password: ""
  18. Actually, that's ' ' and not ", but I understand the mix-up. The problem seems to be that this plugin requires BungeeYAML and doesn't work with Yamler. I will perform further tests and report back.

    EDIT: It was indeed because I used Yamler instead of BungeeYAML. I suggest you upload the file somewhere or update to using Yamler, so people don't have to hunt for the BungeeYAML jar!

    - Psycho
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  19. Sorry about the bad docs - I actually thought I removed the yamler/bungeeyaml dependency altogether but I'm not sure.
    I'll sort it when I can - hopefully soon :p
  20. Hopefully! It's kind of annoying to see the BungeeYaml spam the logs with the Metrics error. I turned off the Metrics for now to make it all pretty, though!