Heroes .java skill files

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  1. Hi .. for those who are familiar with Heroes ..


    (probably you know that the skills they have are limited)
    some people posted their own made skills publicly for everyone to use ..

    I downloaded Multitalented and Andrew skills


    but all of their files are in .java extension! they got maven ant etcc etc.. which I dont really understand
    Im not that familiar with java, so i dont know what to do

    Can someone teach me how to compile them to .jar?
    Please! I dont really know what to do and we really wanted an additional skills for heroes!

    Help is appreciated!
  2. 1) Install maven
    2) Download files using this button
    3) Unzip files
    4) Open Command Prompt or Terminal
    5) Execute "cd dir/to/files"
    6) Execute "mvn package"

    May take a few minutes to complete, if all is well then you'll have some shiny JAR files in the new "target" directory (automatically created) in the project folder.
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  3. Maven or Eclipse ._. im confused
  4. You'll want an IDE to edit the project files (assuming automatically adding things like imports is important to you)

    You need some kind of maven installation to build the files though.
  5. Can you link me which one is i needed to download
    there's alot of different installer there, I'm afraid that I might download the wrong one
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