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  1. Hi .. for those who are familiar with Heroes ..


    (probably you know that the skills they have are limited)
    some people posted their own made skills publicly for everyone to use ..

    I downloaded Multitalented and Andrew skills


    but all of their files are in .java extension! they got maven ant etcc etc.. which I dont really understand
    Im not that familiar with java, so i dont know what to do

    Can someone teach me how to compile them to .jar?
    Please! I dont really know what to do and we really wanted an additional skills for heroes!

    Help is appreciated!
  2. Download an IDE (Use eclipse for simplicity since you're not a developer) set everything up then go to file -> new project -> make sure you make a java project -> finish.

    Then go into the src file on your computer (default is C/Users/(User)/workspace/projectName/src

    Copy and paste the github files on there. Go back to Eclipse and right click the project and click refresh.

    Now all you need to do is add libraries onto the project. One of them will have to be Spigot or CraftBukkit/Bukkit you can google how to do that. I'd tell you but I'm on mobile and gotta do something.

    Good luck ;D
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  3. Now I'm dizzy and confused @[email protected] sorry im seriously an idiot and noob to this things ..
    See my username BSidiocy .. Bachelor of Science in idiocy .. yey
  4. I'll help you when I get on a computer, with pictures ;D
  5. Yey! Thanks!
  6. What github files? all of it? there's alot of stuffs inside the skills that i downloaded including pom,build,ant,src,gitignore,readme ..

    Skills folder that I downloaded:

    ant folder got ant-contrib file and maven-ant-tasks
    src folder got (all the skills)

    so which which?
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