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  1. Hetzner is a very decent host with, in my experience, excellent reliability. Their web interfaces are a bit messy in my opinion, but you can work with them. I haven't ever needed the support in two years (which says a lot) so I can't say much about that. At the very least you'd do yourself more of a favor going with them than with any a few months old "RandomminecraftblockormobHost24" host with a buoyantly colored website with a dozen of font awesome symbols.
  2. Very good about to order my 10th node with them
  3. Cons:
    • You'll turn into a heck load of issues when you want to run multiple IPs on a single virtual machine.
    • DDoS protection isn't even existing in their datacenters.
    • Their network might go down from time to time.
    • Unmanaged support when you require sometimes support (Although it's not something which I require like managed support or something related with it due to my own knowledge)
    • Their routing from and to my ISP: Ziggo (NL) is crap.

      To Falkenstein cloud servers, traceroute was ran directly from my router to decrease additional latency:
      Nuremberg cloud server instance, also directly ran from my router:

      Router > ISP modem (bridge mode) > WAN
    • Cheap
    I'll say: You get for what you have paid for.

    My recommendation: Go to OVH, i3d.net or Reliablesite if you require a bit more premium network.
  4. This guys reply is all you need OP! Vouch for OVH - however ReliableSite is good for backend servers/cost cutting where it doesn't matter
  5. You get what you pay for on OVH too, just like Hetzner
  6. I have the ex52-nvme and I couldn't be happier
  7. True, but OVH gives you a better performance and network.
  8. Do you have any proof of your claims? I'm sorry but I get the full 1gbit guaranteed with my server and what you said is pretty vague in general.
  9. Hetzner give you a faster connection with each server (with OVH you have to pay for the gigabit upgrade). Not too familiar with the peerings and actual network performance of OVH, perhaps Jesse can comment on that. However, I will say that OVH's ddos protection is better than Hetzner's, although they are both pretty bad still