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  1. Should I go with hetzner?
    Are they a serious company?
    I plan to host my network there.
    Some reviews please.
  2. Currently they have no ddos mitigation, so if you decide to go with them, get a gre tunnel. My friend owns 2 i7 servers, one with 16gb and one with 24. Some packages are missing when I did apt-get update. Nothing too important though. I run a few minigames servers on them with the owner, and it works flawlessly. The tps is great, and the network is great. The only other problem I have is the shitty control panel.
  3. I plan on using ssh.
  4. I mean the control panel to reset the OS and turn on and off the server.
  5. Could you pm me the server ip,i just want to see the ping and performance in-game.
  6. RSNET-Radic


    Hetzner is a large and reputable company that has been around for a while. They are based in Europe, so if your player base is there, then you'll get great in-game latency.
  7. I'm also with Hetzner and it's perfect. Almost no issues for years.
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  8. I think that is better GGservers
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  9. x_L


    The irony lol
    jk xD
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  10. Will they nullroute my server in case of DDOS?
  11. Hetzner is a good company and is definitely reputable and serious.
  12. I hate shared hosting.
  13. I used Hetzner for over 3 years for my Server & Website, never had problems! Can only suggest them if you have a basic Linux knowledge or are willed to pay monthly for the Windows Server Editions!
  14. But the Linux server editions are free.
  15. They are! You just need to know how to set them up, you only get SSH access. If you want a VNC or anything else, you must know how to handle the setup.
  16. Yes, they will nullroute your server in case of an DDoS attack and you will have to contact them to put the server back online.
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  17. Is it true that i have to contact them via letter or can i email them?
  18. You can email them.