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  1. So we are having an issue within our Network. When using a 1.9.4 client players cannot connect to the Lobby, so we have to use the Fallback server instead. Along with HexagonMC Bungee we have ProtocolSupport and ViaVersion installed in the Lobby and Fallback server. Same setup, but I don't get why 1.9.4 clients can connect to the Fallback, but not the Lobby. Here is our plugin list for the Lobby and Fallback servers:


    Along with this we have a file in the root directory of our Lobby server named ProtocolSupport-errlog, but the file is empty. Apparently there is an issue, but we don't know exactly what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. What versions does your server support?
  3. 1.7.10-1.10 because we have Hardcore Factions on our server.
  4. ahh
  5. All versions can connect to the fallback, but not the lobby on 1.9.4 posing an issue for players on our network. Fallback and Lobby have both ProtocolSupport and ViaVersion.
  6. The server's need to be on 1.7.10 since a 1.7.10 client cannot join a 1.9.4 server so if you have multiple version support you need to have a server with the lowest version of clients you support.
  7. what
    1.8 server
    boom 1.4.7 - 1.10

    note: doesn't work on paperspigot for reasons.
  8. True true. :p
    But why would you want 1.4.7 support?

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