Spigot HexaKitPvP [Custom Plugin From HexaCraft!] Ultimate Advanced KitPvP System! All-In-One! 25%...

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    HexaKitPvP [Custom Plugin From HexaCraft!] Ultimate Advanced KitPvP System! All-In-One! 25% SALE! - The ultimate advanced KitPvP system you've always dreamed of!

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  2. Screenshots?
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  3. Is there a test server where i can test it on?
  4. Don't buy this.
    1. The author doesn't provide info on thread.
    2. The author doesn't provide screeenshots.
    3. The author uses fake users to make fake reviews.
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  5. Xph11 updated HexaKitPvP - The Ultimate Advanced KitPvP System! All-In-One! 50% RELEASE SALE! with a new update entry:

    HexaCore Addon Release!

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  6. Do not buy this plugin. This plugin is made by me. Xph11 has no right to sell this plugin.
  7. Stolen plugin. Reported.
    Didnt know you would be suchs a douchebag Sefi
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  8. So what about those who didn't download it?
  9. It's a stolen plugin. It wasn't suppose to be online at the first place. xph stole it from my server, since I paid Maarten for it and it was my network.
    If you paid for it and didn't receive it, chargeback the thief who sold it to you.
  10. Yeah I doubt that's going to happen though, I mean welcome to Spigot, where there are many plugin copies and many plugin redo's... :/
    Not mentioning I'm not sure of even how I'd be able to get a charge back etc.
  11. If you paid through paypal you can chargeback. Or mail him directly :) I'm happy to give you all his details.
  12. That would be highly appreciated thank you. :)
  13. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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  14. Yeah found that out at 5:39pm yesterday....