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  1. Does it seem legit? Seems a bit, like, the price is too low for a quality server, https://hexihost.com/
  2. Tux


    If it doesn't smell right, it probably doesn't taste right. $25/month for 10GB is just too good to be true. There's also other tell-tale signs that show that they're probably not that experienced with hosting.

    Also, 99.999% uptime?!? That means they can never have more than around 5 minutes of unplanned downtime, and given the other tell-tale signs, this seems preposterous.
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  3. That's what I thought :p
  4. RSNET-Radic


    Try one of their entry level servers, the most you'll lose is a $1.50..
  5. "Nah, $25 for 10GB is expensive, I got my server from "name here" I get 64gb for 10 cents a week. They have 120% uptime and have 100tb of DDoS protection. If anything that host is to bad to be true." ~ That One Guy 2k16

    People, everything under $2-3 for mc hosting is really cheap and is really fishy. I would not go for a host under $3-2, unless it has heard alot of praise in the community
  6. I'm guessing that they don't know how to customize MyBB with a logo and stuff:
  7. Seriously? How do they own a hosting company, if they don't know a forum engine. By no means do I, but isn't that something a good hosting should know?
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  8. Or they just have yet to set it up..

    I am by no means defending them, but the circlejerk here is a bit out of hand.
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  9. I used them before, it's alright. Average, they use Psychz.
    Average support response time is 3 hours.