[HG] Login/Logout Time

Discussion in 'Lib's Plugins' started by AugustoVLS, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. On my server many players still complaining of being buggy (or lagados) and may not leave and re-enter the game, so I think this is a good idea for an addition to the plugin, or even a new plugin ... Thanks!
    Im from Brazil, my skype is: Augusto_VLS
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  2. libraryaddict


    Still not going to be added
  3. There is hardly anything that will be fixed by relogging that won't be fixed with /chunk or f3 + a
  4. Okay :)
  5. yeah um bro, Augusto. Maybe you should think about upgrading your server's ram or something like that?
  6. Not so expensive, my server is totally no lag, but when the internet is not so good players they like to exit and reenter to see if the lag goes, and that's not even possible :/

  7. ? Do you host the server yourself? or through a serverhost?
  8. Dude, It HOST, 0 lag, the internet is the beast players ... And also because I wanted to have MCPVP logout to rejoin

  9. Ahh, makes sense :3 i want it too
  10. :)