HI-Group Ayuda

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  1. What permissions plugin are you using? PermissionsEx, GroupManager, etc.?
  2. PermissionsEx ,But the problem is that when I add a user to the group and like that stays in the group but then does not leave / rankup and in the tablalist comes out as a normal user,
    Excuse my english
  3. Interesting. What plugin are you using to display people's ranks in the tablist?
  4. ColoredTags This is the name of the plugin
  5. Hmm. Perhaps try setting them to a group rather than adding them. THEN, after setting them to the group, add the previous group that they were in.

    For example, if the user is in the rank 'Normal' and you want to set them to 'Donator' do this:

    /pex user <name> group set Donator
    /pex user <name> group add Normal
  6. I do this but when I add it to the vip group it will not let you use the / rankup command, because it is not in the rankups list
  7. What's the name of the rankup plugin that you're using?
  8. ezrankspro
  9. Does the VIP group have the permission node: ezranks.rankup
  10. If you have the permission but since it is not in the row of rankup does not leave it and says that
  11. is there someone?