Hi to all , im italian... I need help

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  1. Hi to all,

    My name is Luca...

    I have a dedicated pixelmon server with plugins, but i must update my pixelmon server to 4.0.4 version.

    How can i install mods and plugins ???

    Please i really need help .........

    Help Me :'(
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  3. Can u help me ?

  4. Is latest pixel mon 1.7.10? I have a pretty recent version of cauldron 1.7.10. If latest pixel mon is 1.8 you will have to wait for Sponge. Sorry.
    Either sponge or there's a thread here another some devs updating cauldron to 1.8 but no idea.
  5. Last Pixelmon version is 4.0.4 ,

    I see more servers with Pixelmon 4.0.4 installed and plugins ,

    I must do this,

    Sorry , how can i do ?

    Im sorry for my bad english but im italian,

  6. Is the MINECRAFT version 1.7.10?
    I understand pixel mon is 4.0.4 but mods are made for 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8 etc which one?
  7. Forge 1.8 ( 1.8 Version )
  8. Then they might using a dev build of sponge.
  9. Plugins normally go in plugins folder and mods in the mods folder.
  10. Don't be a smart ass.
    He is looking for cauldron/sponge.