Hi which apps should be use when we work from home

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  1. Suggest me, please.
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    Well, we don't know what industry you work in. That'd help. Also the apps used for working from home a lot of times are the purview of your employer, not the random internet community. They'll tell you what you need. For example, at my job I had to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN client then I can use Microsoft's RDP tool to connect to servers and we use Microsoft Teams and Slack for interoffice communications and Zoom for some meetings. Depends on your employer.
  4. Zoom is the one getting more popular these days due to exceptional ease of use along with superior quality. Other firms ensure that you use vpn to login into their network. Besides that I use google docs, google drive and Notepad ++, outlook!
  5. Yes,

    An excellent suggestion!
  6. I'd recommend to use smth like Jitsi Meet instead of Zoom, but that's just me /shrug
  7. Zoom, Slack, Discord. All depends what you're doing, what you need it for
  8. I don't know your job, I as a student use Teams and Zoom
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    Personally not a big fan of Zoom, it can be made secure but I'm still not a fan of something that isn't (or wasn't) secure by default.

    My university uses Microsoft Teams, I've definitely found it to be a more robust piece of software with better features.
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    I've been using Slack to communicate with my team, and Zoom for video conferencing.
  11. Are you looking for apps to communicate with your co-workers, edit documents, etc.? If you provide us with the industry you're in or what you're looking to do, you'd definitely get a lot more helpful responses :)