Hicoria? Good or bad?

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  1. I know most of you might not have heard this company, but I did some digging and found this cheap company Hicoria. I'm thinking of purchasing the VPS superman plan (8GB) for $5.82. I'm using the VPS to host a 5GB server and a small BungeeCord server and maybe a website in the future. Can anyone give me a preview of how this will work out on the VPS? Here's a link to the package I was thinking: https://hicoria.com/en/intro/order/vps/beginner-7-CZK. Just click "Superman" and change CZK to USD.
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  2. Tux


  3. I found another company, Hicoria. I have updated the thread. They do a lot of game hosting, so I'm pretty sure they allow Minecraft as well.
  4. Shockbyte is owned by @Switchbladed ;)
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  5. You know that you pay $5.82 per week, and not per month?
  6. Yeah... I just realized that yesterday... someone is offering me a better private deal right now. :)