Hide and seek Plugin?

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  1. Is there any free plugin that lets me and my friends play hide and seek as mobs? Like in hypixel?
  2. Wrong forum section, do you wanna hire someone ?
  3. I apologise that I posted it in the wrong section, I didn't know where to put it :( And I don't get pocket money and am too poor to hire someone :( Which is why I'm looking for a free plugin :) I don't like it when people do something just for me and I don't pay for it, if they like make it free and public for everything then of course I would use it, but it doesn't feel right using a plugin that someone coded just for me and I wouldn't pay for it, so, any plugins that are like I described? :)

    EDIT: I apologise for replying so late!! :(
  4. Wrong forum section go in Spigot Plugin Help
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  5. Has been already mentioned by me some posts above
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  7. No worries, since you are still in the wrong section i reported your post so it get's moved to the right place.
    Have a nice day ~ Phloxz
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  8. Omg noooo,:eek: don't pay it for me, I appreciate it a lot but do not buy it for me, thank you so much for like asking me that you can buy it for me but really don't :( I really don't like it when people buy something for me just because I don't get pocket money or anything :( But honestly, thank you a lot! :D I really appreciate it! But don't pay it for me :)

    PS: I apologise for my bad english, it's not my main language :oops:
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  9. Thank you! I appreciate it :)
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    If you insist you could try something like BlockHunt.
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  11. Thank you! :D I will give it a try :)
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  13. Thank you! :D (Random message because it's saying my post is too short hehe)