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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Rivenze, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. hi! let's say i have a few blank messages that are being sent by some plugins. is there any way to hide them so they dont know up because it gets pretty annoying as time goes on
    what i mean by blank messages:
  2. Best bet would be finding what plugin causes those blank messages to occur, looking if there's a way to disable it and if not contact the plugin author to try and get it resolved. There's no way on handling that on the plugins side without some sneaky behind the scenes work with I wouldn't imagine any plugin doing just to disable blank messages. Disabling blank messages will also remove some formatting some plugins might use for a little padding as well.
  3. I've looked through my entire plugins folder and went over everything but i cant seem to find what's making this space after the essentials motd.txt:
    i keep thinking maybe it might be the motd.txt itself but im not sure
    sometimes it appears BEFORE the motd and sometimes AFTER
    (also this only happens to ops. people who are not opped dont get that blank message)
    ive went over all my plugins but i just cant seem to find what plugin is causing that blank message
    and im not saying to disable it. im saying is there a way to just "hide" it? it's still going to be sent from the plugin, but it just wont be visible. so im not really disabling it aka removing it completely, im just hiding it from view but its still being sent
  4. Without mods, no there isn't anyway on hiding it client side. You might need to look into your configs a bit and play around to see if doing a few changes might fix it. I'm no person to ask on specific plugin help though as I don't personally really use public plugins.
  5. There was a plugin called MedsageFilter where it allows you to change or hide other plugin messages. But the thing is, I don't know how to hide a space or a blank message with it xD

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