Solved Hide block under a defined height?

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  1. So I'm not very experienced with packets, but would it be possible to prevent the sending of packages which include information with the blocks under the surface? Mainly to block XRay texture packs/mods. Is that information sent with packets? Or is it done differently? Would it be possible to only send that information when the players coordinates are near enough/the blocks coordinates are above a definded height?
    As a result the player with an XRay mod couldn't find any caves/dungeons/bases/ores if he isn't near enough.

    Thanks already :D
  2. spigot already has anti xray
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    spigot dropped the built-in anti xray a while back for various reasons.

    Such a system would be possible, however you'd likely hurt yourself in various aspects, e.g. actually stopping that being sent in the first place, without screwing with the players ability to play (I sure as heck wouldn't touch a server where if I look down a canyon I can't see the other side or the ground properly), as well as ensuring that you react in time and ensure that block updates are actually sent to the player, e.g. entering a cave system, how are you going to ensure that no matter what, all of the chunks a client needs to see are loaded, without hurting performance.
  4. sadly all blocks are loaded in when the chunk loads so blocking certain blocks data is not possible but Anti-Xray plugins are.
  5. So I would try to only send blocks which are on the surface/have contact with air and then the problem wouldn't be solved anymore. Okay, thanks for the help but it seems like there is no way to block XRay completely and also prevent the cheaters from seeing caves and bases...
    Thanks anyway!
  6. Thanks I'll take a look at it!