Hide player when they go to tallgrass

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  1. Hi community,

    I am looking for a plugin that will make the players invisible when they go inside into tallgrass (just like League of Legends) this is good for my kitpvp arena to ambush a player.

    I've been searching for it in different kind of searching title but found nothing, if no plugin is there a way to create the feature mentioned using different kind of plugins?
  2. It will only take me 5 mins to put together a plugin that does this for you no problems, just after a few quick questions to get to get an idea of what you want. I’ll get to work as soon as soon as I know what you’re after! :)

    1. Do you want the player to just be able to walk into the grass and become invisible? Or would you want them to have to be sneaking as well?

    2. Do you want players to need a permission to hide in the tall grass?

    3. What version are you running your server on?
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  3. 1. Good you ask that :) but it would be nice if you both add that feature just make an option in the config.

    2. Permissions are really important why not? It would be also nice if it supports per world like
    - pvpclassic
    - pvprank

    3. 1.15.2 (PaperSpigot)

    Yeeeeeeiiii, thank you so much.
  4. Just a little update:
    Okay so I’ve got everything else working but still need to add an Enabled Worlds section to the config. Hopefully should get this done at some point today for you :)
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