Hide players names from TAB and freeze them

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  1. Hi!
    I want to do something like this:
    When someone enter my server he would not have the ability to move (or he could travel at least few blocks). What's more, he could not see any another "frozen" player like him. In addition to chat, he could only see text written by me.

    For example You entering my server. You can't see anybody's names or models. You are frozen (or you can walk few blocks). You can't use the chat and the only thing you see is the text: "You can't play this server right now. Try later".

    Is is possible to do in Minecraft? Last time I played Minecraft in 2013, so I'm not up do date ;c
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  2. Cancel the on move, on chat, on break, and on place event as well as hiding every single player from them, iterate through the players and user Player#hidePlayer(Player) to hide him from the "frozen" player, that way they won't show up in tab
  3. Wow! That's seems very complicated for me. Is there any plugin to do this for me? I tried my best in programming, but i think that is still not my level :c
  4. well why do you need this plugin? What would it be used for.