Spigot HideAllPlayers 2.0

Hide All Players Plugin

  1. iSweetstyle submitted a new resource:

    HideAllPlayers - Hide All Players Plugin

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  2. Good Job!

    Add a permission so that no player to hide

    :D :D
  3. Thank you! Do you mean a permission, for all people who got this permission will not hide from this people?
  4. Yes yes!!

    Add please
  5. Thanks for Update

    Add Friend System!! Cool Plugin
  6. Can you please add a permission for using the command? Would like to let my YT ranks to use that only..
  7. @yhonatan555 I added Permission for the info and version command

    If only YouTuber should be allowed to hide all players, you need to use the Permission for using the Item "hap.use"
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